Days 1 & 2: Sevilla! (5/1-5/2) Funny Encounters!

02 May

May 1: After a delicious lunch of shawarma with the girls, I was on my way to the bus station to get on my bus to Sevilla. I was a little sad to be leaving Granada, but I KNOW that I will be going back this coming weekend. So no worries. Got to Sevilla and took a cab to my hotel. Who should be standing there on the sidewalk, (looking confused as ever) right as I get out of my cab? My PARENTS! All of the sudden I turn to the right and there they are. They didn’t even see me until I got out of the cab. What a funny way to meet up after 3 months of not seeing each other!

We got settled into our hotel, and went out to a tapas bar. I introduced them to tinto de verano. They were pretty impressed. Had a fun time catching up on life a bit. They were so surprised by the fact that everything is so cheap here compared to Paris. Tonight, our 3 tintos and 3 tapas cost us about 13 Euros (no free tapas here with a drink, like in Granada). They said that in Paris, a beer or tinto would probably cost about 5 Euros a piece. So, needless to say, they are thrilled!

Walked around town a bit at night, and got some gelato. Came back to the hotel and relaxed. Mom had fun showing me her iPad that she got before their trip to Paris.

May 2: Got up today and went to get some breakfast at a cafe. I introduced them to tostadas! It’s fun being able to speak Spanish for them here. I like it. Went to the Cathedral today, and explored that for a bit. Then climbed up the Giralda Bell Tower. After that, went around the Barrio Santa Cruz (old Jewish neighborhood) that has lots of neat little shops and things to see. We went to get some tapas and drinks (which actually happened to be a rip off! 12.50 for 7 little tapas, which we thought would be of our choosing. But it turns out the kitchen staff got to choose them. The tiniest portions ever). Oh well.

Went back to rest up at the hotel. I had noticed that I had gotten a couple of emails from the ISA office, and from the study abroad office at UMD, saying that American travelers should be careful right now, as “Anti-American protests could arise where we might happen to be.” None of us know what these letters were talking about, so I went online to check what could have happened.  Was pretty shocked to see that Bin Laden had been killed. Wow. None of us had known.

After a nap, went out to explore for the night. I took them back to the Italian restaurant that I had been to when I first came here (where Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise, and Madonna have eaten). I ordered some delicious pasta with prawns and zucchini in it! Went for an evening stroll after dinner. And now, off to bed!


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3 responses to “Days 1 & 2: Sevilla! (5/1-5/2) Funny Encounters!

  1. harvey

    May 3, 2011 at 4:32 am

    First off NO WAY!!! your mom has an iPad that’s awesome props for her.

    Also it was funny to read your first encounter

    • caseymaher

      May 3, 2011 at 8:24 pm

      Haha, yes, she has an iPad. I was kind of opposed to them at first, but now I can see where they would totally come in handy. They are so nice for traveling. And now I really want one. 🙂

      But ya, that first day of meeting was pretty funny.

  2. Kelsey B

    May 3, 2011 at 7:26 am

    So glad you were able to meet up with your parents!!! Tell them… I agree… Paris is quite ridiculously expensive 😦 Have fun on your trip!!!!!


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