Days 5 & 6 (5/5/11-5/6/11) GRANADA!

06 May

May 5

Got up this morning and checked out of the hotel in Ronda. We went and wandered around town for a bit. What a beautiful day! Headed up to the train station a little after 1 to catch out train for GRANADA! We couldn’t wait. Especially me. I was so anxious to get back home again. 🙂

Started seeing beautiful views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains as we were getting closer and closer to Granada. We pulled in at about 4pm, and walked to our hotel. Found out that we didn’t have our own bathroom in the place. (The bathroom was right down the hall). Dang. Oh well. The room was super nice. Went and put our stuff away. Then I took my parents out to one of my favorite tapas bars. Had some traditional Granada favorites (eggplant with honey). My parents LOVE the fact that tapas are free with a drink. Ran into a few ppl I knew. INCLUDING my host dad, Julio!! So my parents got to meet him. He and MarĂ­a want to go out for tapas with me and my parents. So we will be doing that this weekend! After that, went to CafĂ© FĂștbol (so my parents could get a substantial dinner). Then, I showed them all around town (where I lived, the route I took to school, my favorite places, etc…) They LOVE it here. They were SO impressed by how neat the city is. It exceeded their expectations. Which really makes me happy!

Went out bar hopping with Chelsea, Melinda, Rachel (Melinda’s friend who is studying in Sevilla) Nicole, Courtney and Becca. Went to Poe first to get some tapas. Then went to “chupiteria,” where I had my first shot of tequilla EVER! Super fun!! Good night!

May 6

This morning, we got up…and switched hotels. Haha. The last one was nice, but the rents can’t stand not having a bathroom in the room. Moved to a place that’s not far from the Alhambra. So we have a nice view! Bought some tour tickets that are good for the Alhambra, the Cathedral, the Royal Chapel, and a bunch of other sightseeing things here in town.

Went shopping with mom, so she could get her gypsy pants. She’s a happy camper now. 🙂

After napping and doing some loads of laundry, I brought my parents to CafĂ© FĂștbol, so they could meet some of my best friends here. It was pretty fun! They LOVED the churros and chocolate. We all sat and chatted for about an hour or so. Then, I FINALLY went to see the Cathedral of Granada. Beautiful. Tomorrow, we hope to hit up the Royal Chapel, where Ferdinand and Isabela are buried.

On a random side note…I bought my soccer jersey today that I’ve always wanted. 40 Euros. UF! But so worth it!

Went out to Poe and D Cuadro with Melinda, Rachel, Lauren, and Nettie to get some tapas. YUM!

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