Day 7 (5/7/11) Granada, Day 3!!

08 May

Ate breakfast at the hostel. We were hearing what sounded like Muslim chanting/music going on down in Plaza Nueva. My mom and I went to check it out. It was some kind of mini protest. People were holding pictures of a certain guy (who I assume is a political figure) and signs with Arabic writing on them. Really wish I could have read the signs. (Part of me figured that the signs were saying bad things about Americans, so, we felt it best to just get out of the Plaza).

After that, hopped on a bus to the Albayzín, a very old historic neighborhood in town. Rode the bus all the way around back to Plaza Nueva. (Where we started). Then, we decided to stay on the bus and go around again, to the top of the Albayzín. Got off at San Nicholas viewpoint, (where you can have a spectacular view of the Alhambra). Hung out there for a bit. Then had lunch at a café up there.  Yesterday, I bought myself a Barcelona soccer jersey, and today was the first day I wore it. The waiters that we had LOVE the Barcelona team. They saw my shirt and both gave me a big thumbs up! Ate some migas (bread crumbs with sausage and roasted green peppers) for tapas. Then, we ordered snails! I had never tried them before today. They were interesting…..not great, not horrible.

Walked back down the Albayzín to Plaza Nueva, and then back to our hotel. Did a little shopping in a Moroccan store. Then, it was siesta time.

This evening, there was another procession (kind of like the ones of Semana Santa). Every 25 years, there is a coronation of a Virgin or a Saint. This happens to be one of the years that a new coronation takes place. People were honoring the Virgin Aurora, who is the Saint of Money. There were also lots of fireworks coming from the Alhambra to celebrate this event.

For dinner, I took my parents to Poe, my favorite tapas bar here. There were not as many people in there as there normally are. (We were there at about 9. Pretty early yet). So, we got to talk to Matthew, the bartender, for awhile. I’ve always been interested in talking to him and his wife. They are both from England, and ended up here in Granada to run a bar. It was very interesting to hear his story.

Got some gelato after dinner at “Los Italianos.” Then, chilled in the room for the night

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