Day 10 (5/10/11) Barcelona, Round 2!

10 May

Today was quite the big travel day (and an on/off teary-eyed day for me, having to say goodbye to my home). We took a train from Granada to Madrid, which lasted about 4.5 hours. Grabbed some lunch at the station (which actually had some VEGETABLES in it!! A food group that has seemed so foreign here in Spain). THEN…..we hopped a bullet train from Madrid to Barcelona, which only took about 3 hours. The bullet train was going 300 km/h (about 186 mph) at its fastest. It was fun to watch trees, highways, powerlines, etc….buzz by.

Arrived in Barcelona, and checked into our hostel. I have my own single room in here. It’s nice, but feels just a little upscale from a prison cell. There’s a single bed, a little sink, and the tiniest shower EVER, all crammed into one little room. (Seriously, Bilbo Baggins would be to big for this shower).

I took my parents to Las Ramblas (the big pedestrian street with lots of shops). Got some pictures with some of the mimes on the streets. They were so fun to watch. I showed them the giant open-air market. They loved it. We are excited to go back and eat our way thru there tomorrow.

Went to get some tapas at one of the same bars I went to on my Andy Steves tour here!! The tapas were amazing. (tortilla de patatas, sausage on bread, iberian ham croissant sandwich, frommage blanc (dessert cheese) with blueberry drizzle on top, etc…) LOVED it. Went and wandered by the harbor, and ended our night with some drinks at a café. Tomorrow, we will be going to the Sagrada Familia, and exploring Park Guell and Olympic Park. Can’t wait!!

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