Day 9 (5/9/11) Last Day in Granada :(

10 May

Took the double decker tour bus AGAIN around the city. Got off at the train station to get our train tickets for Barcelona. After a frustrating time translating between English and Spanish with the less-than-helpful ticket guy, I went to go see Melinda. We sat and talked for a bit, and said our goodbyes. 😦 Very sad.

Then…it was reality check time…..My folks and I had quite a bit of clothes, personal items, etc….that we wanted to ship back to the states (about 80% of it being mine). We put it all in a big box at the post office to ship back. The total cost came to 115 Euros (about $165)! YIKES! But we were so grateful to lighten our load.

After that, we took a tour of the Royal Chapel, where Ferdinand and Isabela are buried. It was very neat to see. On top of their tomb lies a statue of the two of them, laying side by side. The faces carved into the statue are said to be almost exact replicas of their actual faces. Both of them are laying on pillows, but Isabela has a bigger dent in her pillow as her head is resting on it. (Supposedly because she had the bigger brain of the two). I thought that was an interesting fact.

Did some tapas crawling with the rents. Then got together with a few friends to say our goodbyes. It was pretty sad. I feel so thankful to have gotten to share this amazing experience with these amazing people. (Thank goodness for Skype and Facebook, so we can all be connected so easily). We all hope to visit each other in the states. I DEFINITELY want to make that happen.

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