Day 13 (5/13/11) Travel Mania, French Celebs and Duck Fat

13 May

Today was semi-grueling. But fun, too. Started off from Narbonne, intending to get to Nime, where we would take a train to Cannes (where the big film festival is currently going on). BUT….the train from Nime to Cannes was cancelled. SO….we had to take a bus from Nime to Marseille, where we would THEN catch a train to Cannes. (You still following me? Good). BUT…..there was an accident on the road involving a car and a semi truck loaded with a bunch of bricks. (I have no idea of the outcome of the accident, but I assume that the outlook was probably not good.) So we were stuck there for about an hour and fifteen minutes. Then…we moved on. Caught a train to Cannes, where we hopped off to go explore for a bit.

We wheeled our luggage to the center of town, which is right by the beach. Lots of guys dressed in tuxes talking on cell phones, and lots of ladies in nice skirts and dresses. (For the film fest). We were intending to take a little tram tour of town, but the last tour had happened before we got there. So we just sat and people watched. All of the sudden, we started to see lots of “important looking” people walking down the street, with paparazzi swarming around them to get their pictures. We went to take a look, but unfortunately didn’t recognize anyone. There’s a ton of American celebs in Cannes right now, but we didn’t see them. We plan on going back to Cannes tomorrow for the day to hang out a bit. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see some familiar looking faces.

Right now, we are in Nice. It’s pretty neat. We had such an awesome dinner tonight: Tomato and fresh mozzarella salad, bread, and duck, WITH the fat on it. SOO wonderful!

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