Day 15 (5/15/11) Closed Bike Rentals and Embarrassing Moments

15 May

Our breakfast this morning was provided by the hotel. AND…they had little packages of Nutella! PERFECT start to the day! 🙂 We were contemplating going to Cinque Terre today, but we decided to stay an extra day here in Finale. We really like it here.

I went for a walk for about an hour after breakfast. Walked along the boardwalk by the beach. It was great.

Took about an hour walk to the next town over to go rent bikes. (We were told there was good mountain biking over there). BUT…it was closed. Oh well. At least we got a good walk in.

Had a semi embarrassing moment at a café we went to this afternoon. I ordered my usual orange juice. There was a bottle of chocolate powder on the table, so I decided to put a little INTO my orange juice, for some orange-chocolaty goodness. When I went to take a sip, chocolate powder went right up my nose, and I pretty much started choking on my orange juice. I was having a coughing fit, and pretty sure some OJ came out of my nose. All of these Italians were just staring at me, and my parents were just laughing. It was pretty comical.

Came back to the hotel and had a much needed siesta. Then, had some wine (WITH orange fanta) on our balcony with my parents, to toast to their 29th Wedding Anniversary.

Tonight’s dinner: Mussels, and pasta with clams and mushrooms in it, smothered in a nice light buttery garlic sauce. Fabulous.

Had a nice evening stroll around town, and the watched Johnny Carson videos on youtube with mom and dad.

Tomorrow…Cinque Terre!

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