Day 16 (5/16/11) Cinque Terre Time!

16 May

(Sitting in front of an internet cafe right now, blogging, with my new cat friend, Twinkles). Haha.

Today we said goodbye to wonderful and quaint little Finale, and went to one of our favorite places in all of Italy…Cinque Terre. It is a national park, complete with 5 little hilltop towns that are situated on the Mediterranean. We are in our favorite town, Vernazza. Rick Steves has really helped make this town come alive (but I will say, it has gotten really touristy since we were last here 7 years ago).

Came into town without having booked a hotel room. This random lady found us on the street, and knew that we were looking for rooms. She brought us up to this really nice apartment, and gave it to us for 90 Euros a night! The best deal we found here. We snapped that up quick.

Went wandering around by the water, and stopped to get this delicious focaccia pizza with pesto on top (pesto originated here in Cinque Terre. It’s truly the best in the world).

Got some laundry done, and went walking around town, visiting our old favorite places. Including our favorite café, Il Pirate, run by a couple of Sicilian brothers in their early 30s. We met them 7 years ago when we came here for the first time. They had loved talking to me, and had called me “beautiful Casey.” They even took me back to the kitchen to show me how they make marzipan (a sweet almond pastry. SO good!) When we walked into the café today, they automatically looked at us and said, “You’ve been here before!” We were SO surprised that they recognized us. Their English has really improved over the years (probably from the help Rick Steves has given by bringing in the American tourists). Had a few laughs with them, and made a reservation for dinner at their restaurant.

Climbed around an old castle, and saw my favorite pink house that I first discovered when I was here at 13 years old. (Ever since I saw it, I always wanted to live there. It sits alone on a hilltop overlooking the Mediterranean). BEAUTIFUL

Tonight’s dinner at the Sicilian brothers’ restaurant was great! Had some mussels to start out with. I had minestrone soup, my mom had pesto lasagna, and my dad had a cream and spinach filled noodles. Dessert: Strawberry cheesecake, and marzipan!! The Sicilian brothers are so funny. They would always be coming out to tables and making people laugh. Truly good-hearted people.

Going to go now and watch the sun set over the sea. What a great day!

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