Day 17 (5/17/11) Free Pastries and Sea Kayaking

17 May

Today was the big market day here in Vernazza. Got up and walked around that for a bit. Got an awesome Brie cheese and prosciutto sandwich for breakfast.  My parents had gone to Il Pirate to see the Sicilian boys and eat breakfast there. I wanted to, but I got up too late. The boys were sad that I wasn’t there, and gave my parents a free chocolate croissant to bring to me! So sweet. It was so good too. Tasted like there was nutella inside.

After breakfast, we took the train to Monterroso (the 5th town in the Cinque Terre) to do some sea kayaking! It was so fun. We paddled from there to Vernazza (about 2 miles one way) and back. Pulled up on shore in Vernazza for a bathroom break, and to get some pizza for lunch. The water was beautiful. There were light waves, which were fun to ride. Sometimes, the big cruise ships would come by, and create some bigger waves, which was a lot of fun. The excitement (mostly for my mom) today is that I found a floating Tilly Hat in the water (tilly hats are those khaki colored ones with the brim all the way around, and have black chin strings. Kind of look like something a forest ranger would wear). They’re normally about $45-$50 bucks. So it was pretty sweet to find one floating in the water for FREE!!

After kayaking, took the train back to Vernazza, and went tanning on the beach. Tonight’s dinner was pesto pasta! My parents had a giant pot of seafood risotto. Yummy!!!

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