Day 18 (5/18/11) Free Marzipan

18 May

Today, we all went to the Sicilian boys’ place to have breakfast. I had this amazing donut-like thing with homemade orange cream in the middle, and a strawberry on top. To DIE for. If I could eat 6 of those a day, I would! Before we said our goodbyes to them, they gave us 6 pieces of their homemade marzipan for FREE! Amazing! They are the funniest, sweetest people ever.

Left Vernazza after that, to the city of Padua, which is not too far from Venice. We are staying here for the night. It’s a neat place, and definitely a great place for young people. Lots of bars and cool hangouts, and a super awesome giant plaza in the middle of the city. As we were walking to our hotel, I finally remembered that we had been here before, when we were last in Italy!

One interesting thing about this trip is that it’s been fairly spontaneous. We have had a general idea as to where we are going, but have been flexible, and have sometimes switched it up. Well, as everyone knows, the Euro is crushing the dollar right now, so money is tight. So we have decided that, if we still want to stay here for 2.5 more weeks, as planned, we need to get to some countries that aren’t using the Euro. We are now planning on going farther into Eastern Europe. Tomorrow, (my 21st birthday!!) we will be heading to Slovenia. (They are still on the Euro, but we figured that they would be a lot cheaper than the more touristy European countries. We’ll see).

Off to bed! 🙂

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