Day 20 (5/20/11) Biking day

20 May

Today, after searching for a nice breakfast at a café (and not really finding anything) we went biking around Lake Bled, and (partway) to another town. How WONDERFUL it was to get back up on a bike again! The lake is so beautiful. The water is soooo blue, and there are lots of trees and mountain views. There is even a cathedral on an island in the middle of the lake. It looks so pretty.

Had a little makeshift picnic lunch (yogurt, bread, strawberries, and chocolate) under a nice tree on a bench. Then, started biking to another town that we heard was pretty cool. But the route was pretty hilly. The downhills were great. And long. Which ALSO meant that the uphills were long. Ugh. After we heard a storm coming, we just decided to turn around and go back to Bled.

Dad and I went out for pizza tonight. I found a swingset and swung for a bit. 🙂 Haha. Walked around the lake, too. Then came back, and watched Harry Potter with the fam. I didn’t have a key to get in, so I had to go around the chalet to our balcony and yell up to my parents to come unlock the door. Before I could yell, though, the killer dog that is tied up about 50 feet away from the chalet announced its anger with my presence by barking up a storm. I FREAKED out!! That pretty much gave the hint to my parents that I was home. Haha. (Damn dog!!)

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