Day 21 (5/21/11) Luge Run! (Bye Bye Sunglasses!)

21 May

This morning was definitely an adrenaline rush morning! There is a giant luge track here in Bled, (which is actually kind of like an alpine coaster. It’s a single car on a single track, and you control the speed of your car with a handle bar in the front.) I got a pass that was good for 3 runs on the track. The chairlift ride up was long. But beautiful. The cathedrals, lake, and mountains looked gorgeous from up there. (Oooh, a fun little side note. On our walk to the luge run, we came across a restaurant with a giant outdoor menu that had been signed by the one and only Paul McCartney!! We don’t know what year he was here. Or why (concert? vacation?) But he was HERE at least!! Very cool!)

Anyways, back to the luge run. The first time down, I was a teensy weensy bit scared (of course). But mostly excited. Once I got used to it, I pretty much floored it down the track for my last 2 runs. SOOO fun!! I was screaming the whole way down, every time. Lots of sharp, windy corners and dives. Everyone was smiling at me when I got to the bottom, cause they could hear me screaming from all the way up. I could have been at this thing all day! On my last ride up the chairlift, I all of the sudden happened to notice that my sunglasses were no longer attached to me. I must say, I felt a little stupid having brought sunglasses attached to the collar of my shirt on a luge ride. Whoops.

Next, we went hiking up to this castle that we were told was very cool. But, low and behold….they were charging 8 Euros (about $12) a piece to get in. LAME. So, my mom just went in, to see if it was worth it. I guess it wasn’t. All there was in there was a restaurant, and some neat views of the lake. According to my mother, not worth the 8 Euros. My dad and I still got great views from the castle entrance…and for FREE!

Went to eat lunch at the same pizza place my dad and I went to last night. We split a large Hawaiian pizza, and a super awesome Greek salad. Delicious.

After that, walked around town for a bit. I bought myself a new pair of sunglasses (since I lost my old pair on the luge run. Well, I guess that means a part of me will always be here in Bled). 🙂

Had a quiet night in. I went for a walk around town for a couple hours. Then we all watched some of “The Office,” and the first episode of the show “Friday Night Lights.” Good night!

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