Day 22 (5/22/11) The Hills Are ALIVE!!!!!

22 May

Said our goodbyes to Slovenia, and headed to Salzburg, Austria…home of “The Sound of Music.” My parents had been here together about 24 years ago, but were pretty excited to be back. Especially my mom, who, like me, is a big “Sound of Music” fan.

Pulled into the hotel at about noon. Our room wasn’t ready yet, so we decided to go out and rent bikes for a couple hours. We saw quite a few movie sights then. (The horse fountain where Maria splashes the water when she’s singing “I Have Confidence,” some squares that Maria and the kids biked through, the square where the Nazis were marching in that one scene after the wedding.) Etc.. It is sooo cool being here, where they actually shot a lot of this stuff. Salzburg is beautiful. The hills really ARE alive. So green. Lots of trees and mountains. In one square we were in, we heard a bunch of organ music coming from this one cathedral. We were all thinking that it was the church where Maria and Captain Von Trapp got married in the movie. (It sure looked like it. And SOUNDED like it, with all of that dramatic organ music). But it turns out this is a different cathedral. Turns out THIS cathedral was where Mozart (who is from here) was baptized, and where he was the organist for 2 years. That was kind of neat.

After eating a makeshift lunch at a grocery store/cafe place, came back to the hotel, where we all ended up falling asleep for about an hour or so (unintentionally). Got back up to go exploring for the evening. We went into these big gardens (where I believe part of the song “Do Re Mi” was shot.) Saw the big tunnel covered with ivy that Maria and the kids all biked under.

Then came, in my opinion, the coolest part of our makeshift Sound of Music tour. It started raining….but no matter. Because we went off to see the GAZEBO where Leisel and Ralph sang and danced “Sixteen Going on Seventeen.” THE actual gazebo. AND it was RAINING, just like in the MOVIE! (I was a little TOO excited about that).

Had quite the fun day of sightseeing in a beautiful city. Tomorrow, I think we are going to try to see the Abbey, and possibly the Von Trapp house. We shall see.

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