Day 23 (5/23/11) Bratislava Time

23 May

Got up this morning to have a nice buffet breakfast downstairs at the hotel (which we didn’t even know they served!!) That was a nice surprise. Checked out of the hotel, and went to see the Abbey (from the film). I was sitting in a pew, about to turn on my “Sound of Music” soundtrack (what a nerd, I know) but all of the sudden, the nuns started singing. It was PERFECT!! (Yet again, another “This is just like it was in the movie” moment). Stayed in there and listened to them for about 10 minutes or so.

Went back to the hotel to get our bags, and then we were on our way to Bratislava, Slovakia. We had to catch a train from Salzburg to Vienna first, and then from Vienna to Bratislava. Our old pastor at our church, Arden, currently lives here in Bratislava with his family, so we will be staying with them these next few nights.

Arden picked us up from the station and brought us to their place (just him and his son Alexei are here in Slovakia right now). Got all settled in, and then we all went out to eat. He ordered my parents and I shots of pear liquor to drink (kind of funny to be drinking with the pastor!) After dinner, he showed us around town for a bit. It’s pretty nice. The Danube River runs through here, which is very pretty.

Off to bed!

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