Day 24 (5/24/11) I’m Hungry for Hungary!!

24 May

Today, took a 2.5 hour train ride to from Bratislava to Budapest, Hungary, for a day trip. Is pretty exhausting doing a day trip in a big city. It takes a little while just to get adjusted to such a huge place. But it was fun. Unfortunately, we forgot the camera. Whoops. But we got a couple pictures on my dad’s iPhone.

The day pretty much went like this:

-Look for an ATM (they don’t use the Euro there), not succeed at finding an ATM, sightsee as we try to FIND an ATM, eat lunch (which was AMAZING! I had this asparagus with cheese on top of bread. My dad had potato dumplings, and my mom had cream of asparagus soup), find an ATM, with the help of a Hungarian ballet dancer who works at the tour bus station, (he was really sweet. And funny) get some “hop-on, hop-off” tourist bus passes, ride that for a while, take some pictures, explore the giant market, and head back to Bratislava.

Budapest is a neat city. Like Bratislava, the Danube River runs right through it. It’s interesting to see the wrath of WW2 on some of the older buildings, and it’s crazy to think that so much of these beautiful cathedrals, squares, etc…have seen so much history, and have been through so much war and turmoil. (Even WEIRDER to think that it REALLY wasn’t too long ago when all of that happened, either).

All in all, a long, but neat day. Tomorrow, we will just be sticking around Bratislava, and exploring around here.

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