Day 25 (5/25/11) A Day In Bratislava

25 May

Today, we hung low in Bratislava. Meandered around the city for a bit. Today’s lunch was awesome! We went back to the same restaurant that we went to with Arden and Alexei a couple nights ago. I had these awesome roasted tomatoes with feta cheese inside of them, and some Hungarian style goulash! (A specialty here). It basically pieces of beef in a gravy with bread dumplings. SO good!!

Did some MORE wandering around the city after that. The river is beautiful. We saw some kayakers on it, so maybe we’ll do some kayaking tomorrow. We shall see.

Arden made us dinner tonight. Started with an “aperitif” of this nice sparkling rose wine. Then we had rice, chicken and asparagus. Very nice to sit around a table again with a great home cooked meal….where we could actually dish up the portions we wanted!! (Unlike in Spain. Haha).

Alexei went with me for a walk for a bit around town. Then, my mom and I went off to see “Pirates of the Caribbean 4!” The theatre was really nice. We even had assigned seats! (A good method, I think! We should adopt that in the states, especially for popular new releases!) The movie was in English, with Slovak subtitles. (I guess all movies are that way here). Nice evening!

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