Day 26 (5/26/11) Off To the Motherland!

26 May

Today, we said goodbye to Arden and Bratislava, and hopped a couple trains to Poland!! (My dad and I are Polish, so we are both pretty excited to be here). We are in some little town that I can’t even remember the name of. But I am excited to be here. Tonight, we had dinner at our hotel, (since our hotel is kind of out of town). Dinner rocked. I had cream of asparagus soup with peas, my mom had perogies (they look like potstickers from LeeAnn Chin’s or something. They have pork in them, and these ones had a little maple taste to them). They were great. My dad had goulash with potato pancakes. And for dessert, we had a chocolate crepe filled with peaches and vanilla ice cream, with whipped cream on the side. YUM! Played a few rounds of Phase 10. 🙂 Off to bed.

Tomorrow is going to be a very interesting (and I’m sure somewhat emotional) day. We are only about 30 km from Auschwitz, which was (once) the biggest concentration camp ever. We are going to go visit it tomorrow. Should be quite the day.

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