Day 28 (5/28/11) Prague, and Barcelona Victory!

28 May

Today we ventured to Prague. Got there by about 2 o’clock, and checked into our hotel. Just by being in the train station, I could tell that this was going to be a pretty neat place. The Czech Republic looks quite a bit different from what we saw in Poland. Lots of the buildings we saw in Poland were still fairly run down and bleak (looking as though they had JUST come out of WWII). Here, it looks like they’ve really cleaned things up and improved over the years.

We checked into our hotel, and then went and ventured around. The buildings here are so beautiful. Such interesting architecture. Many of the buildings are painted in those pretty pastel colors. It looks so neat.

On our way to the Old Town, we walked through this giant pedestrian street where there were TONS of American franchises (McDonald’s, Subway, even TGI Friday’s). They were everywhere. Same with Starbucks. As great as those places are…..I wish we didn’t have to see them so much over here. Really takes away the European feel. ANYWAYS….in the Old Town, we saw the clock tower (which has a very mini and very anti-climactic “show” every hour on the hour. A trumpeter comes out to play for a few seconds at the top of the tower, and a little marionette looking statue rings a mini bell on the clock. Yet TONS of tourists pile in to see it.) Crazy. There was a lot of great Czech food at kiosks in the square. My parents got a big chunk of freshly roasted ham, and some potato dumplings with cabbage and ham. It tasted amazing. But…little did we know…that they were charging for food by weight. My parents thought the servers were being “oh-so-nice” by giving them an extra big chunk of meat….but the little meal (which is very filling, don’t get me wrong) actually turned out to be around $33 US dollars. Oh, the wonderful feeling of being SCAMMED! Live and learn, I guess..

After that meal, we walked along the Charles Bridge. Went to see the John Lennon wall. It’s a big wall with a lot of graffiti on it, and a painting of John Lennon with a candle by it. Pretty neat. On the way back, we ran into a bachelor party, where the “grooms to be” were dressed in those Borat-like swimsuits. I got my picture with them…and then had to sign their bodies with a permanent marker. Haha. Fun fun.

Got back to our hotel tonight by 8:45 to watch the Barcelona vs. Manchester United soccer game at the bar. Barcy WON! (Which means we won the Champions League. It’s the equivalent of the Superbowl, but in soccer.) SOO fun to watch. I had been walking around with my Barcelona shirt on all day, getting all prepped for the game. I’m so proud of my team! YAY BARCA

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