Day 29 (5/29/11) A Day In Prague

30 May

Today, we started our day with a nice little pedal boat ride on the Vltava River. It was a nice, peaceful way to see part of the city. After that, we had a nice big lunch at a restaurant overlooking the river. (Cheeseburgers. Yum!) Then, we just kind of walked around for a bit, without much of a plan in mind. Which was nice. Walked along the Charles Bridge again, so I could buy my cool pair of glass earrings that I wanted. There was this awesome little jazz band that was playing on the bridge. It consisted of 6 old guys playing the banjo, tuba, trumpets (2), a saxophone, and (my personal favorite) the washboard! SOOO cool. They were really good.

Meandered our way back to the hotel for a little siesta. Then went back out at about 8:30. Took a trolly up to this really awesome castle to take a look around (supposedly it’s the biggest castle in Europe.) It was super pretty. The architecture is phenomenal here.

Went and ate a typical Czech dinner at a pub. My dad ordered sausages that were made in beer, and my mom and I split sirloin steak with a cream sauce and bread dumplings. Now THERE’S a weight watchers meal….NOT! :)

Strolled around the Old Town for awhile afterwards. It was fun wearing my Barcelona soccer jersey again today. Lots of people saw my jersey and started cheering! SO cool!

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