Day 30 (5/30/11) Spanish Food In Germany!

30 May

Today was our biggest travel day yet. We left Prague at about 9am and pushed on across Germany. (GEEZE, this country is huge!) We are now in a place called Mainz (not too far from Frankfurt). We took 4 different trains to get here. On our first train, from Prague to this little German town by the border of the Czech Republic, we sat next to these two British students, and talked with them for about an hour and a half. They were awesome. They had been on the road for a few weeks already, and will be for about another month or so. It’s so cool to talk to other travelers, and see where they’ve been, where they’re headed, if they have any tips about cities, etc…

After some games of Phase 10, and lots of napping and listening to my iPod….we made it to Mainz. Checked into a hotel, and then….went to get TAPAS at a Spanish restaurant right across the street. I felt like I was right back home in Granada again. And better yet….they had tinto de verano, my favorite Spanish drink. I was so happy! (Though nothing can beat Granada’s tapas, or tinto, for that matter).

I’m really psyched to be in Germany. I’ve always wanted to come here. You can definitely tell that this country is pretty well off. Everything seems to be pretty clean, the buildings are well kept, even the train stations are appealing to sit in. Tomorrow, we are going to take a little boat ride on the Rhine River, and find a cute little town to stay in and explore. Should be fun.

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