Day 31 (5/31/11) Rhein River and Fresh Apple Strudel

31 May

Since yesterday’s travel day was so big, we decided to make today a little less daunting. (Well, a LOT less). We were only on a train for about an hour or so today. We had no ending destination in mind, but we happened to get off in a cute little town called Bacharan, along the Rhein River. It’s adorable. Almost looks like (what I would imagine) a little ski resort town would look like. Lots of chalet-looking places. We checked into this super cute hotel, which, from the outside, looks like an old tavern right out of Harry Potter. There is no elevator, and we are the third floor up. (Great time to have heavy luggage. Haha). Our room is super homey and cozy. And it’s right above the train tracks. It’s LOUD. But cool. My mom especially loves trains, so she gets super excited when one comes buzzing on by.

After checking into the hotel, we went on a little boat cruise on the Rhein River. Very picturesque. This place almost reminds me of Cinque Terre, (my favorite place in Italy that we were in a few weeks ago). There are lots of little small towns that dot the river, with beautiful bluffs with rows of grapes (for riesling wine, and a type of red wine) in the background. And the CASTLES! There are so many here.

After a little afternoon siesta, we explored the town. We found a few little wooded paths that took us up to the top of a hill, overlooking Bacharan, the river, etc…Very pretty. On the way down, we bopped into a cute little church that was open, to have a look around.

Tonight, we ate dinner in the hotel. Fatima, the hotel owner, is so sweet. So we wanted to have dinner in her place. Mom and I split chicken and white asparagus (a regional specialty) with hollandaise sauce, and my dad had pork with mushroom sauce. And dessert….fresh, warm apple strudel with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate drizzle, and whipped cream on the side. MMMMmmm.

I walked around a bit after dinner. Now, just settling in for the night in our cute little hotel. Man, those trains are loud.

Overall, a very good day in small town Germany. Big cities can be fun and all, but we sure do appreciate the small towns more. So it’s very nice to be here. Goodnight world. đŸ™‚

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