Day 32 (6/1/11) 7 Trains to France

01 Jun

Well, the title of this post pretty much sums up what we did today….we took 7 different trains to get to this town in France called Lille, where we currently are right now. (It happened to be this many trains, due to missing a few because our connecting trains were late, etc…). Lots of luggage lifting. Thank goodness some of these stations had escalators. The longest train ride was probably about an hour and a half. So all of these little stops were kind of annoying. But we got to drive through part of Belgium. So that was cool, I guess.

ANYWAYS….the reason we are in Lille is because tomorrow, we will be catching a ferry from a close by town called Calais, to London. We’re all pretty excited to get there.

When we pulled into Lille, we checked into this little not-too-great, not-too-shabby hotel, and went out to this restaurant called “Hippopotamus,” which is probably the equivalent to a French Applebees (but with super high prices). After that, walked around town a bit. There is so much neat architecture here. (But then again, that’s pretty typical of a lot of places in Europe. One of the many things that I will definitely miss about this continent).

Goodnight world. See you tomorrow in LONDON!

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