Day 35 (6/4/11) Off to Iceland (HELP! It’s TOO Expensive!)

04 Jun

This morning, we had to say our goodbyes to London. Before the cab came to take us to the airport, we walked to a place not too far from Buckingham Palace, where the guards were getting ready to march in front of the Queen for the “Trooping of the Guard.” (The guards are changing from their winter grey colors, to their summer red colors.) It was cool to watch them practice marching. There were lots of bagpipes playing, which was awesome. I just love their tall, black fuzzy hats!

Took a cab to Heathrowe, where we got a little lunch, and then hopped a plane to Iceland. When we got there, we went right to the rent-a-car area. We will have a car here for two days. It’s super expensive, too. $308 for two days. UGH. (They told us that if we start to see a sandstorm, to immediately start driving away. Cause it’s not a sandstorm, it’s truly volcanic ash. They also asked us if we wanted ash insurance for the car.) Gee, we must be in Iceland.

A couple little fun facts about Iceland: 1. There are only 330,000 people in the entire country.  2. They have some of the purest water in the world.  3. They believe in trolls and fairys. 🙂 COOL!

Our plan for these next few days is to stick to the bottom part of Iceland, driving across the country along the coast (the country is only about as big as the size of Kentucky). It has lots of interesting terrain. (It reminds me of a mixture of Alaska and New Zealand). When we landed into Reykjavíc (the capital) the terrain was pretty much like rocky tundra. Flat, flat, flat. No trees, no grass, nothin. Then we started driving to the south central part of the country, where we started to see lots of rolling green bluffs, mountains, and waterfalls!! They were so gorgeous.

Got to the town of Vik, where we will be staying tonight. Dinner tonight was a traditional Icelandic one, consisting of codfish in a cream sauce with potatoes, and fish gratin with potatoes and brown bread. (Can only afford to get 2 meals for the 3 of us here. Those two, which weren’t very big, came out to almost $65 US dollars. Holy shit!)

Checked into a little itty bitty (overpriced) B & B, and we are now sitting in a little internet cafe, checking emails and the like.

Another way to know you’re in Iceland: It’s 10:05pm, but looks as though it’s only 7pm. That sun will be out for awhile. Oh, and, it’s bloody cold.

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