Day 36 (6/5/11) Glaciers and Sheepies and Ash Storms..Oh MY!

06 Jun

This morning, we started making our way to Hofn, a town at the Southeast end of the country. We had a few stops along the way, for sightseeing. (Glaciers, cool rock formations, sheep, etc…) There were a couple of times throughout our drive where we drove through a bunch of ash whipping up into the air. That’s a pretty common happening here. There is still tons of ash from the volcano a few weeks ago, and when it gets windy, it picks up a bunch of ash and whips it around. It seemed to get into the inside of my socks, but not the outside of them…hmmm.

Ate some lunch at at a restaurant in Hofn. Then, started making our way back west. On our way back, we stopped at a hotel that had little log cabins to stay in, to see if we wanted to stay there for the night. We look out the window at the reception desk, and notice that a huge dark cloud is coming our way. We asked the receptionist if that was just a regular storm cloud. She told us it was a huge ASH cloud, and that it was traveling rapidly our way. Even though the little log cabin we looked at was cute, we decided to book it, to avoid the storm. But then, as luck would have it, my mom lost the car key! Perfect timing. The wind was starting to pick up, and that ash cloud was really gaining on us. I ran all around the cabin we had looked at, and all around the main office, and finally, I found it lying on the ground. We booked it outta there. It was kind of exciting to be driving through an ash cloud. Once we beat the storm, it was so cool to see difference between the lighness of the day, and the darkness of what we had just driven through. We got some good pictures of that.

Drove for another 30 minutes or so, and settled in for the evening at this nice little hotel not too far from Vik, where we stayed last night. (We even have free WiFi and breakfast in the morning. Awesome!) Tonight’s dinner: Cream of asparagus soup with homemade bread. It was so delicious.

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