Day 37 (6/6/11) Last Full Day: Fish N’ Chips Please!

07 Jun

We had an awesome breakfast buffet this morning at our hotel. They even had WAFFLES!!! Oh my gosh! Hadn’t had one of those in 4 months. After that, we started driving back to Reykjavíc. Stopped at this really awesome beach, with these really cool rock formations. It was awesome.

When we got to Reykjavíc, we checked into a cute little apartment, and turned in our rental car. Then, we hung out around town for the evening. We went to this awesome Fish N’ Chips place for dinner. The breading for the fish that they have there is actually made out of whole wheat flour, and the fish is fried in canola oil (so it’s slightly healthier than normal Fish N’ Chips). It was very tasty. And instead of chips, we got to pick our side. (lots of different salad and potato selections). I got this awesome mango salad, that was actually made with SPINACH instead of iceburg lettuce. It was so nice to eat something dark and leafy green again. Very good last supper here in Europe.

Wandered up to the Lutheran church in town, to take a look around. Got some treats at the grocery store afterwards, and played a rousing game of Phase 10. I went out walking around town for a bit. It’s now almost 1:30am here, and still light out. That’s so crazy. Off to bed!

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